I need a WordPress developer/designer, who do you know?

If you’d like to post your scope of work to our support channels, there are bound to be qualified local people to eagerly jump on your project for you.

We’d like to sponsor TBWP, how can we help?

We currently operate as an informal organization. If you’d like to help us out we can always use help in the following:

  • Finding and securing space for 20-80 members for meetups (donated venues)
  • Refreshments for our members (paid directly by sponsor)
  • Swag for members (paid directly by you)
  • Freebies/Giveaway (if you have a WordPress-related product or service)

How much are you getting paid to organize this group?

None of our organizers get paid– we are all volunteers. We simply love our community. WordPress is free software and this is our way of giving back. No sponsor dollars flow through us directly. Sponsors pay for perks directly.