Video Archive

We’ll keep an ongoing archive of all the videos we’ve recorded at our Meetups here. We only started recording the St. Pete Meetups, but as more people are able to help with this (requires desktop recording software and a webcam that you can point at the presenter), we should be able to expand to all meetups. You can also check out our YouTube Channel.

Databases, Migrations and SQL, OH My! Intro to WordPress Database and Migrations

Agile Project Management: A Panel Discussion

Grow Beyond Posts & Pages: Intro to the Pods Framework

Workshop: MailChimp and Communicating Custom Segment Values with Gravity Forms

Understanding WordPress Vulnerabilities (XSS, CSRF, WTF)

Speaking Client: Ethical Pricing, Burn Rates & Workshop

Speaking Client: Explaining Tech Stuff to Non-Tech People Pt. 1

What’s My Role? Membership Sites in WordPress

Start With The Why, Leave With A Bigger Check