What’s My Role? Membership Sites in WordPress

Roles & Capabilities are one of the more complicated (and powerful) features of WordPress. We’ll be talking a logical organizational framework for setting up a Membership/Protected Content website: • Members Plugin, for understanding the Roles & Capabilites and a non-code way to protect WordPress Content • Defining additional roles without modifying existing ones for access • Other plugins … Read more

Speaking Client: Explaining Tech Stuff to Non-Tech People Pt. 1

Speaking Client: Explaining Tech Stuff to Non Tech People

Do you ever get the blank stares when you’re talking to your client about what you need from them? Do you constantly get pushback about Scope Creep, Requirements or Discovery or why it costs so much for a website project? This series of talks will focus on Speaking to the Client in their language or … Read more

St Pete: Networking & Freeform Working Meeting

Open time to meet with the other folks in St Petersburg/Pinellas, WordPress Developer/Designer/Freelance Community. We’re doing a scheduled talk/workshop later in the month, so take the time this first part of April to get to know the other members in the group. Have a problem? Bring it to the meeting and hash it out with … Read more

An introduction to WordPress

Wondering what the best software is to use for your online blog, personal website, or business website? For those that have never seen WordPress in use before, this will be a great way for you see it in action. I will not be digging too far into WordPress, just enough to get your toes wet … Read more

WordPress Best Practices: Themes, Plugins, and Images

This is the first Meetup in the Wesley Chapel/New Tampa area for 2017. This will be discussion (seminar, not workshop) for best practices of WordPress when it comes to Themes, Plugins, and Images/photos. Briefly talk about Child Themes, Free vs Premium Plugins, and how to deal with large images. Skill Level: Beginner – Intermidiate User … Read more

Leveling Up: Resources and Strategies for Becoming Better At Your Craft

Iron Yard - Downtown St. Pete

WordPress has a double-edged sword when it comes to talent. On the one side, thanks to an amazing community and marketplace, it’s easy to get a professional looking site up and running quickly. On the other, WordPress is easy enough to get into that it attracts “professionals” that are looking to cut corners in pursuit … Read more

Hands-on SEO with WordPress & Google

This session is the second class that follows the “SEO Introduction” class given on January 26. This session will take the material to the next level and perform practical tasks to implement SEO in real time. We will start with a specific topic and perform a keyword analysis using the Google AdWords Tool — Keyword … Read more

Getting from Here to There: A Working WordPress Workshop for 2017

You’ve made your personal 2017 resolutions, but have you thought about doing the same for your work, your business or your career path? Our February Meetup is designed to get an idea of what you, our St Pete Developer/Freelance/Agency WordPress users, would like to learn this year and what kind of sessions and workshops would … Read more

SEO Introduction

This is a 40-minute session with an interactive Q & A for WordPress beginners with little or no understanding of Search Engine Optimization, SEO. This session presents the purpose of SEO and basic SEO concepts, as well as, the key factors to improve SEO. This class discusses the following topics: • Keyword Analysis, Selection & … Read more

Plan Before You Build: Information Architecture & Content Strategy

If you’ve been doing websites for clients for a while, you know the hardest thing to get out of them is their CONTENT. What if you could create an information model for their business, how pertinent information can be re-used, modeled and promoted to develop a Content strategy for your clients? We’ll be talking about: … Read more