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WordPress Meetups in Tampa since 2010!

We are very happy to announce we’re bringing WordPress Meetups back to Tampa! Joe & Steve have done the legwork to secure a regular meeting space and are looking forward to hosting regular monthly meetups in South Tampa.

Where We Meet

Charles J. Fendig Public Library

Our new Venue is the Charles J. Fending Public Library at 3909 W. Neptune St., Tampa FL.

We are meeting in the community room at the Charles J. Fendig Public Library in Tampa. The library is located on the corner of Henderson Blvd. and Neptune St. Parking is available at the library.

When We Meet

We are meeting the 1st Thursdays of the Month. We will add additional dates as we get rolling.

Meetup Calendar: https://www.meetup.com/WordPress-Tampa/

Organizers | Joe LoPreste | Steve Curtis

Upcoming Events

Medium to Advanced WooCommerce
Charles J. Fendig Public Library
6:30 pm
To be announced: Scheduled Talk
Charles J. Fendig Public Library
6:30 pm

Past Events